Advertise rates

Editorial Content

Press release/Sponsored post: N50,000 each

Special Report: N350,000

PhotoNews: N250,000

Interview: 150,000

Logo/Banner placement

Advertise On The Homepage: Top Logo/Banner (728/90px)

Full Year: N3, 550,000 (4 changes)

Half Year: N2,350,000 (2 changes)

Quarter Year: N1,500,000 (1 change)

Monthly: N950,000

 Advertise On the Homepage: Side Logo/Banner (320×320px): PREMIUM

Full Year: N2, 350,000 (4 changes)

Half Year: N1,400,000 (4 changes)

Quarter Year: N900,000 (2 changes)

Monthly: N400,000

3.Advertise On the Homepage: Side Logo/Banner (320×320px)

Full Year: N1,850,000 (4 changes)

Half Year: N1,200,000 (4 changes)

Quarter Year: N700,000 (2 changes)

Monthly: N300,000

The benefits of advertising with  include, but not limited to reaching all categories of people in the society, including ICT decision-makers and players across the world.

Expose your products/services to a market worldwide that couldn’t have been reached traditionally. You can measure response to advert campaigns.

The rate could be negotiated depending on mutual agreement.

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