NITDA warns Nigerians to Beware of Phishing Sites That Harvests Mobile Numbers

The NITDA- Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team(NITDA-CERT) has flagged a social media broadcast, which claims that Telecom subscribers whose mobile lines have been barred can unlock their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) without linking it up with their National Identity Number (NIN).

NITDA stated that it is pertinent to note that this website, which is accessible via the link(https://NCC-simUnbar-Gov.Ng) is a phishing site that is used to harvest users phone numbers, redirects users to other site that are malicious and could be used to steal sensitive information of users. The sites were also designed to misinform and mislead unsuspecting members of the public.

Accordingly, NITDA-CERT wishes to alert and advise the general public to disregard such broadcast, and visit only official websites of government agencies to confirm authenticity of any report.

NITDA-CERT noted that all lines that have been barred must be registered and linked with a NIN before they can be unbarred.

To report an incident, contact NITDA-CERT via email- or telephone +2348178774580

The NITDA Report:

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