Citizen Joe Ajaero and Insecurity in Imo State: Our Stand

Comrade Joe Ajaero, President NLC

The now confirmed narrative of the manhandling and assault of the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) Comrade Joe Ajaero, in Imo State, south east, Nigeria, Wednesday November 1, 2023, while carrying out his legitimate duties, must leave every well-meaning Nigerian befuddled, worried and concerned! The trajectory of the happenings in Imo State for some time now has been of concern  to all.

A statement joined signed by Clifford Agugoesi, President and Queen Martina, Public Relations Officer, Times Journalism Institute Alumni  Association (TJAA) noted that the Government of Imo State, led by His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has  been grappling with the seeming breakdown of Law and Order  since assuming the helms and Senator Uzodinma has always projected that he is not only in charge, but is working assiduously, as the Chief Security Officer of the State, with all State Security Paraphernalia to ensure Peace, Order and Good Governance of Imo State.

The brutalisation of the Number One Worker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in his home State of Imo, is one incident too many! If Joe Ajaero, a foremost Journalist and Labour Leader can be so treated, then, we fear for the Common Men and Women of Imo State; and, indeed, all Nigerians, who may have anything to do with Imo State!

Times Journalism Institute Alumni Association (TJAA), as prime stakeholders in the Fourth Estate of the Realm, views the atrocious and inhumane treatment meted to one of our own, with alarm and great concern. This ugly incident appears to signpost a failure of State and compromise of Security architecture, especially in view of the Off-Season Elections coming up in the State.

Considering Nigeria as a nation that boasts and professes the Rule of Law and not the tyranny of Men, the perpetrators of the dastardly brutalisation of Citizen Joe Ajaero, must be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others who may be minded to resorting to the Rule of the Jungle, whether they be located in Government, Law Enforcement or Society! We understand that Comrade Ajaero is currently recuperating from injuries arising from his brutalization and wish him quick recovery.

We call on the President and Commander-in -chief- of the Nigerian Armed forces, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, and all relevant authorities to wade into this issue and bring the culprits to face the full weight of the law. We are worried that, if swept under carpet , the strength and integrity of our trade unions and institutions risk being impaired. We, equally, appeal to all Nigerians to remain calm, while stressing that security agencies must investigate those behind this dastardly act , speedily and bring them to account for their awfully ignoble deeds, that have no place in our extant laws.

Citizen Joe, as any other citizen of Nigeria, must have his Fundamental Human Rights protected and defended! Anarchy and Jungle Justice must never be allowed to take root in the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Clifford Agugoesi, President

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