Data Depletion: NCC Directs Telcos To Audit Billings To Address Complaints

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has said that mobile network operators (MNOs) have been directed to audit their billing systems, to address consumer complaints about data depletion.

The commission made this known in a statement on Friday.

According to the Commission “Quality of experience takes into account all touch points along the consumers’ journey in using telecom services from selection, through onboarding, usage, support and even off-boarding.

“This means that consumers are empowered to make the right network selection, enjoy a seamless onboarding into the network of their choice, enjoy quality service at fair costs, receive responsive customer service and enjoy protected off-boarding where they choose to leave the network.

“To address consumer complaints on data depletion, the commission has directed mobile network operators (MNOs) to conduct an independent audit of their billing systems and is concluding a consultation process to simplify tariff plans.

“These initiatives would provide enhanced transparency to the consumer.”

The commission said it has also embarked on critical advocacy initiatives to address long-term challenges in the sector, “including advocacy for designating telecom infrastructure as critical national infrastructure, as well as successfully persuading over six states to waive right of way (RoW) fees, even as he initiates discussions with more states”.

NCC said engagement is also ongoing with the presidential committee on fiscal policy and tax reforms towards addressing multiple taxation issues in the telecoms sector.



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