SystemSpecs backs young innovators, emphasizes need for product differentiation

Frontline technology firm, SystemSpecs, has again, demonstrated its commitment to promoting innovation in Nigeria by its sponsorship of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Devcamp, a program that trains young innovators, leveraging on the partnership of competent public and private institutions to deliver a wholistic and sound experience to participants.

While addressing young innovators during the Devcamp demo event on Wednesday, 17th February 2021, where sample products developed by beneficiaries of the Devcamp programme were showcased, Dr Emmanuel Eze, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SystemSpecs, stressed the need for product differentiation.

The UK- Nigeria Tech Hub is an initiative by the UK Government to support the growth of the Nigerian tech ecosystem. Its Devcamp program is organized in partnership with Wootlab Innovations, an organization that leverages technology for human capital development in preparing people for the future of work, and supported by a number of organizations, including SystemSpecs.

SystemSpecs is one of the largest and oldest tech firms in Nigeria, it is a leading provider of Financial Technology and Human Resource Management solutions, with remarkable products like Remita, HumanManager and Paylink, which are helping governments, businesses, banks, and individuals to solve problems.

Representing SystemSpecs, Dr Emmmanuel Eze gave feedback on tech products showcased by young innovators at the event.

He expressed his delight in the products showcased and commended the young innovators, who have created solutions to solve various challenges in the society.

Eze noted that with some adjustments and implementation of recommendations, they can become ready for investors and the market.

“I am quite impressed by this app,” Eze said about one of the products exhibited. “You have not only showcased the app but you have done a proof of concept.”

The solutions exhibited at the event include Agrotech, an app that simplifies the communication between investors and farmers, a fintech solution that facilitates payment, and Medicreen, an AI powered chatbot that helps to create a medical diagnosis report.

The aim of the Agrotech app is to enable the rich individuals interested in agriculture to communicate and collaborate with farmers. Rich individuals with lands lying fallow can collaborate with farmers on the platform and have their lands used for farming purposes for a stipulated period of time. Also, unempowered farmers can get investors.

Using map technologies, Medicreen highlights health facility (Hospitals, Pharmacies, etc.) around users. Medicreen streamlines patient flows from asking patients preliminary questions (Diagnostics) and generating a report such that it could be sent to a doctor for a drug prescription.

Besides the Devcamp, SystemSpecs has also been involved in supporting a wide range of programs and evens aimed at developing technology in Nigeria. These include the Lagos State government’s Ready Set Work initiative tailored towards addressing employability challenges faced by today’s graduates, and Code Lagos which seeks to train 1 million Lagosians on how to write code. In May 2020, SystemSpecs organized a Children’s Day essay competition for pupils across the country.

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